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UW-Madison Campus Master Plan 2015 Title  
DRAFT Final Master Plan documents are now available.

Welcome to the website of the 2015 Campus Master Plan Update for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Here you will find important information related to the process and how you can make your voice and ideas heard. This site will be continually updated throughout the process and is designed to answer questions about the Campus Master Plan Update and encourage community and campus participation through its two-year development.

The need for a Campus Master Plan is rooted in Wisconsin Statutes 13.48(1), which requires all institutions to develop a long range facilities plan. UW Board of Regents policies also include planning principles that require facilities be planned to be responsive to programs and the way they are delivered; that our physical environment is planned such that it contributes aesthetically and physically to the overall education experience; and, to make optimal use of existing facilities through renovation, conversion and remodeling whenever possible.

Every 10 years, Facilities Planning & Management works with a team of planning consultants and the university community to update the university’s Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan Update will serve as a tool to help establish a continuing framework to guide the orderly growth and development of the campus while protecting and enhancing important open spaces as well as historic and cultural landscapes. The Campus Master Plan will be consistent with and support the university’s current mission, vision and strategic plan. The plan will also be sufficiently flexible to accommodate ongoing change that is typical in a dynamic higher education learning environment during the next 10 years. The planning horizon will look out 20 years into the future to determine the appropriate level of future growth for the campus. The planning process used for the Campus Master Plan Update will be fully transparent and engaging for the entire campus community, from our faculty, staff and students to the surrounding local community.

The Master Plan also draws upon previous physical planning efforts, including the 2005 Campus Master Plan as well as various technical, historic and cultural plans available on the Campus Planning and Landscape Architecture website.


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UW Strategic Framework 2015-2019

Master Plan Meetings:
Public Open House Meetings
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Committee Meeting Minutes
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Interactive Website Comments
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General Schedule:
Finalize communications plan June - July 2014

Identify and select consultant July - August 2014

Initiate project and engage constituency groups
September 2014 – April 2015

Analyze opportunities and constraints 
May 2015 – September 2015

Present analysis information - public forum
September 2015

Develop initial concepts 
September 2015-December 2015

Present alternatives - public forum
May-August 2016

Present final draft concept plans - public forum
October 2016

Finalizing plans and supporting materials
November 2016-February 2017

Share final documents with stakeholders groups and obtain city of Madison zoning approvals 
March 2017+