The 2015 Campus Master Plan Update will provide direction for future building sites and/or building additions, recognize historic preservation considerations, preserve and enhance open space, mitigate environmental impacts, address transportation, circulation and parking issues, plan for utility upgrades to meet projected demand, and provide critical linkages between University programs. The four focus areas of the master plan include:

Master Plan Goals (unabridged goals)
- Support our Mission
- Manage our Resources
- Make Travel Easy
- Celebrate our Lakeside Setting
- Revitalize our Outdoor Spaces
- Be Good Neighbors

Master Plan Focus Areas
-Confirm the planning principles, goals, objectives and major recommendations (including proposed building sites) of the 2005 Campus Master Plan. Update as necessary to meet current and projected needs for the next 20 years out to 2035.

-Analyze existing open spaces across campus and recommend changes to define and enhance their use including the development of a campus landscape master plan, campus-wide site design guidelines and landscape development standards.

-Evaluate existing campus transportation facilities and update the long range transportation plan.

-Coordinate all master plan recommendations with the university’s current or recently completed utility improvement projects including the 2005 campus utility master plan.

Your voice is important to the process! 
We understand that enduring places evolve by people working and interacting in concert to achieve what they might not achieve alone.  There is a robust tradition of shared decision making and transparency here at UW that is deeply rooted in the 2015 Campus Master Plan Update.  Join the campus community on our "Engage UW-Madison" interactive website and provide feedback to questions and see what others are thinking.

On Wisconsin!

Organizational Chart Committees

-Executive Leadership Team

-FP&M Core Internal Staff

-Campus Planning Steering Committee

-Technical Coordinating Committee

-Campus Community Constituent Groups    

Consultant Team:
SmithGroupJJR - A nationally recognized multi-disciplinary planning and design firm acting as the project lead

Hoerr Schaudt - Landscape master planning, historic and cultural landscape planning and site design guidelines

Kimley Horn & Associates - Transportation, parking and civil engineering services

Affiliated Engineers - Utilities planning

Q's, Comments & Feedback:
The best way to have your voice and ideas heard and recorded is through the UW-Madison Campus Master Plan Update interactive web portal: "Engage UW-Madison Master Plan" Here you can leave suggestions, answer pointed questions to help direct plan decisions and check out what others are thinking.  If you want to send a message to the project manager at UW:

Gary Brown, PLA, FASLA
Director, Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture
Director, Lakeshore Nature Preserve
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Facilities Planning & Management