Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I give my input into the process?
Multiple methods!  If you are not currently a member of the variety of constituent groups who will be engaged throughout this process you can...
#1: Attend one of the evening Public Open Houses (home page right side bar). 

#2: Email the Facilities Planning & Management project manager:
#3: Contact your alder for information

Q2: Why is the 2015 Campus Master Plan so important?
Besides being required by Wisconsin Statutes 13.48(1), the UW Board of Regents policies also include required planning initiatives to ensure that facilities be planned to be responsive to the programs and the way they are delivered: that our physical environment is planned such that it contributes aesthetically and physically to the overall education experience: and, to make optimal use of existing facilities through renovation, conversion and remodeling whenever possible.  Furthermore, it is important for us to have a City of Madison approved master plan per the zoning code (updated every 10 years), for the mutual benefit of each agency’s long-range planning initiatives. 

Q3: Is there a mailing list I can get on to receive updates about the process?
You can send your email to to receive pertinent updates.

Q4: Who can I contact if I’d like more information on the process?
The intent is that this website would provide all visitors with the necessary information, but if you are not finding what you are looking for you can email the Facilities Planning & Management project manager:

Q5: Who should I contact about media requests (graphics, statements, information?)
Please email the Facilities Planning & Management project

Q6: What is the plan for the U-Bay recreational fields?
The Master Plan Update will continue to show this area as it currently exists, striped turf facilities.

Q7: What's going on with parking?
Proposed Reductions and Additions are identified in these exhibits.

Q's, Comments, & Feedback:
The best way to have your voice and ideas heard and recorded is through the UW-Madison Campus Master Plan Update interactive web portal: “Engage UW”  Here you can leave suggestions, answer pointed questions to help direct plan decisions and check out what others are thinking.

If you want to send a message to the project manager at UW:

Gary Brown, PLA, FASLA
Director, Campus Planning & Landscape Architecture
Director, Lakeshore Nature Preserve
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Facilities Planning & Management